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Discerning the Future of Forma

Hello Forma members and friends, As was introduced at the 2014 Forma Conference and Annual Meeting in Alexandria, VA, the board of directors has established

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Ryan the Rhino – A New Resource for Christian Formation

An exciting new resource has been developed by the Environmental Network of ACSA (Green Anglicans). This is a Sunday school manual on caring for Creation.

October 22, 2014 Children Formation
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I have called you friends. –Janie Stevens (1947-2014)

I have called you friends. Janie Stevens (1947-2014) So begins John 15:14-17, the foundational scripture that forms that basis for the Charter for Lifelong Christian

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Building Faith Brick By Brick

September is the beginning of many things. It is a place for fresh starts and unmarked territory. We have spent a season (or two) planning

September 09, 2014 Children Formation
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Discussing Tragic Events in a Youth Community

This past week has been a difficult one for our communities. The shooting of Mike Brown brings forth all sorts of emotions and questions. Yet,

August 18, 2014 Youth Ministry
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