General Resources

Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation Resources

  • The Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation was passed at 2009 General Convention.  It helps create an environment in the Church for understanding the Christian life as an ongoing process of formation in Christlikeness.  Many diocese and congregations have used the Charter to help shape the formation and discipleship conversation in their communities.
  • Download a slideshow (7mb ppt) and handout (1mb pdf) to help your community work with the Charter (courtesy of Sharon Pearson).

Resource Websites

  • New Bible Translations  – an explanation of the nature and focus of various Bible translations, courtesy of Sharon Pearson

Top Books for the Christian Formation Minister


  • Church Publishing  – a division of the Church Pension Group, includes several imprint divisions including:
  • Seabury (general audience books)
  • Morehouse Publishing (books serving the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion)
  • Morehouse Education Resources (curriculum and education titles)
  • e-Publishing (liturgical planning software) such as the Rite-Stuff and Enriching Our Music
  • Forward Movement Publications – an official agency of The Episcopal Church, produces pamphlets, booklets, and books to encourage and nourish people as they grow in their lives of prayer and faith; best known for the popular quarterly devotional Forward Day by Day
  • LeaderResources– a publishing and consulting organization staffed by Episcopal educators, provides over 40 downloadable curriculum for children, youth, and adults

Curriculum Use

Guidance on choosing and evaluating curricula, presented by Sharon Ely Person