A variety of resources that address Christian formation for CHILDREN (generally aged 0-12).

Faith Formation Learning Exchange – organized by different ages and groupings, offers current research, effective practices, and models in faith formation

Candle Press  – provides resources you can share with parents at home to help them in their role as the primary formers of faith in their children

Sunday Curricula
  • Children Formation Curricula Overview – a simple comparison chart of a variety of curricula; developed by Sharon Ely Pearson, the Christian Formation Specialist for Church Publishing
  • Building a Children’s Chapel One Story at a Time by Bill Gordh – a collection of Bible stories arranged and told to create a meaningful chapel for children aged 3-7 (Morehouse Education Resources)
  • Celebrate the Good News Children’s Chapel – following the Revised Common Lectionary, provides children opportunities to hold Sunday services that include their own participation; ages 5-12 (Morehouse Education Resources)
  • Creative Ideas for Children’s Worship by Sarah Lenton – based on the Sunday Gospels Year A and Year B, provides ready-to-use material for children’s worship on Sunday (Morehouse Education Resources)
  • Episcopal Children’s Curriculum – available for three age groups (preschool/kindergarten, primary, and intermediate) for each age group there are three years of material:  Shell Year (Baptism), Chalice Year (Eucharist) and Cross Year (Worship); this format allows churches with multi-age classes to alternate study material over a 3-year cycle; Shell, Chalice and Cross years may be used in any order (Virginia Theological Seminary)
  • materials to augment Chalice Year including an Overview, a Teacher’s Prophet Book, a Prophet Book, the Teacher’s Book Cover, and the Prophet Book Cover (Becky Taylor)
  • Godly Play – using work from the Montessori tradition, uses a careful telling of scripture stories, engaging story figures, and activities to encourage children to seek and find answers to their faith questions; resources include presentation guides, Parent Pages, and training DVDs (Morehouse Education Resources)
    • an excellent video on Godly Play from trainer Linda Clapp
  • Living the Good News – an on-line, downloadable lectionary-based Sunday class curriculum available for all age groups (Morehouse Education Resources)
  • The Way of the Child – helps children learn and experience spiritual practices that lead them into a deeper awareness of God’s presence in their lives (Upper Room Books)
  • Weaving God’s Promises – a downloadable Sunday class curriculum with a three-year scope and sequence—Year One: Weaving Our Faith, Year Two: Weaving Together the Family of God, and Year Three: Weaving God’s Beloved Community—that includes an Episcopal Thread in each session; for ages 3-11 (Morehouse Education Resources)
  • Workshop Cycles – for K-5th grade, a rotation workshop model children’s curriculum; each cycle provides detailed lesson plans for seven workshops including scripts, activities, and resources (LeaderResources)

Choosing a Children’s Bible  – a blog entry at the Sunday Paper blog by Gretchen Pritchard

Eucharistic Instruction

This Bread and This Cup: Episcopal Community Instruction for Children – all the tools you need to customize a Communion instruction program that’s just right for your parish (Morehouse Education Resources)

Special Needs

Rhythms of Grace: Worship and Faith Formation for Children and Families with Special Needs – provides plans for 12 monthly and 6 feast faith formation and workshop sessions (Morehouse Education Resources)


Winter Trees Publishing – offers Feed My Lambs, a resource for those who offer children’s sermons in worship

Top Ten Reasons Why Children are Welcomed in Our Church

Begin your church school year with a commissioning service (Sharon Ely Pearson)

Resources for Talking with Children Following Tragic Events (The Rev. Canon Linda L. Grenz)