2015 Conference Resources


This page will hold links to resources and details about the 2015 Conference


  • January 28-30 2015
  • 18th Annual Forma Conference and Annual Meeting
  • The Art of Forming Faithful People
  • with Keynote Speaker Brene Brown and additional speakers Mark Bozzuti-Jones, Vicki Garvey, and Jamie Coats’
  • 226 People at the Magnolia Hotel in Houston, TX

Plenary Talks

The Rev. Dr. Mark Bozzuti-Jones

Jamie Coats

Vicki Garvey


Thursday, January 29, 1:45-3 pm

  • Youth in Leadership Positions, Bronwyn Clark Skov & Matt Blank
  • Best Practices in Digital Faith Formation with Adults and Families, Kyle Matthew Oliver [videoslides]
  • Minding the Gap: Building Up 4th – 6th Graders, Susan Goodman & KariAnn Lessner [handout 1, handout 2, workshop “trailer“, video]
  • A Conversation on Renewing Communities of Faith for God’s Mission in the World, Angela Ifill
  • Invitation and Information: Practical Considerations for Proclaiming the Gospel (Marketing Your Very Good Programs), Heidi Carter Clark [handout 1, handout 2]
  • Teaching, Transformation and the Table, Jenifer Gamber & Julia McCray-Goldsmith

Thursday, January 29, 3:30-4:45 pm

  • Engaging Young Adults, On and Off College Campuses, Mike Angell
  • Serving a Bishop, Serving the Churches: The Joys and Challenges of Working on Diocesan Staff, Amy Cook
  • Mission & Outreach with Youth & Children, Sue Cromer
  • What Happens at General Convention?, Vicki Garvey & Missy Morain
  • Best Practice Principles for Spiritual Growth: Lessons from Willow Creek applied to the Episcopal Church, Jay Sidebotham
  • I Hear You: Creating Safe Spaces for Discussing Race and Racism, Heidi J. Kim [video]

Friday, January 30, 9-10:15 am

  • ReCreating Our Story: Exploring the Bible with Legos, Emily Given [video]
  • Gray Matters, Helen Appelberg [manuscript]
  • Celebrating Safeguarding, BJ Coghan [slides]
  • Faith Formation: What Are We Doing?, Andrew Kellner
  • Christian Formation from the Inside-Out, John Newton [slides]
  • Recruiting, Retaining and Celebrating Volunteers, Randall Curtis [all materials]


  • Growing Food & Faith [handout, video]
  • How People Talk & Listen Matters, Denise Trevino [video]

Other Resources