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At the last Forma Conference we were very excited to announce the Certificate in Family and Youth Ministry and the Certificate in leadership of Lifelong Formation.  These are two programs that have been asked for by many groups for a

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Hello Forma members and friends, As was introduced at the 2014 Forma Conference and Annual Meeting in Alexandria, VA, the board of directors has established a Forma organizational development working group that is considering future directions for the work of

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Today in the Anglican tradition, the term “confirmation” carries a dual meaning. For some, it is the sacramental, post-baptismal rite of blessing in which initiation is sealed by the Spirit. For others, it is the time for public ratification of

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We had a great conference in Alexandria, Virginia with over 170 Christian Formation people from all over the country.  We were cold and snowed in, but the fellowship was warm and inviting inside.   We are excited about sharing the

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