Vision – Mission – Objectives


The vision of Forma is to bring continuity and quality to lifelong formation ministry within and through institutions of The Episcopal Church and other related Christian communities.


A grassroots association of members of The Episcopal Church and kindred individuals and institutions, Forma supports, networks, advocates for, resources, and celebrates Christian formation leaders in their Christian formation ministries.



Invites and encourages Christian formation leaders to pursue spiritual disciplines, theological studies, and other practices that ensure vocational excellence.

  • found and oversee a certificate program for Christian formation ministers
  • hold an annual conference at which members develop supportive relationships


Creates a forum for Christian formation leaders to network and explore issues of lifelong formation ministry.

  • maintain a digital communication forum and interactive social networking presence for Christian educators using methods that meet the needs of membership
  • host an annual conference at which members meet ministry colleagues


Focuses the larger Church on the lifelong Christian formation process, including advocating for robust and adequate resources for formation ministry.

  • sponsor a presence on behalf of Forma membership at the triennial General Convention of The Episcopal Church
  • shape and endorse legislation that supports lifelong formation ministry, including the church-wide triennial budget and other General Convention resolutions
  • promote equity in the workplace for Christian formation leaders through education and church-wide legislation


Uses available means to share resources and best practices for Christian formation ministry.

  • catalog, create, and share resources, strategies, and tools
  • model effective practices
  • participate in the development of an online formation resource hub
  • host an annual conference that offers ministry development


Affirms and joyously lifts up our personal and communal formation ministries at church-wide and local events, on the internet, and one-on-one.

  • dream the present and future of Christian formation
  • celebrate milestones and promotions of members
  • console members at times of loss and difficulty

revised January 2013