What people are saying about Forma…

“I tell all new Christian education directors about Forma and how the membership cost fully pays for itself. I have learned so much about children’s ministry from Forma members but also have personally grown in faith knowing such creative, spiritual Episcopal people.”
— Joyce Donadee, member of St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church, Volunteer Christian Education Coordinator for the Diocese of Pittsburgh

“Forma are the people to whom I reach out when I don’t know what to do, and the people with whom I share my gifts for the sake of all generations.”
— Nurya Parish, Associate Priest, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Grand Rapids, MI

“Youth ministry is fun and exciting, but it can also be challenging, isolating, and bang-your-head-on-your-desk overwhelming.  Too often in our parishes we are lone rangers.  Forma breaks the isolation.  I have found Forma very useful as a network of experienced youth ministers who are always exchanging ideas, evaluating curricular options, offering support, and praying for one another.  With the listserv and Facebook group, the community collaboration is literally constant.”
— Josh Hill, Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, New Canaan, CT

“If I did not have this link and all that it brings with it, I would be missing the opportunity to be challenged, stimulated, encouraged and refreshed in my calling on a daily basis. The Forma listserv is like a flowing river—a source of inspiration and life that is new each day.”
— Barbara Billings, Director of Children’s Ministries, The Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, PA

“[Forma] has been a resource for my ministry: keeping me abreast of the real issues in education, formation and instruction; bringing in some of the most effective educators from Joe Russell to many others, for professional growth; giving me people and knowledge of resources that speak to the issues and educational needs of the congregations I have served; helping me have an association in which my questions of faith and practice could be responded to by peers and mentors.”
— Phil Purser, Rector, St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church, Chapin, SC