2016 Conference Resources

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We will post videos of select conference events in the Membership Area as soon as they are available.

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Holy Formation: Comics and Ministry by Heather J. Annis

Firefly Churches: On Being Light in the Dark: Mental Health and the Church by Heather Gordon-Young

The Universal Classroom: A Multiple Intelligences Approach to Formation by Emily Keniston

Millennials and Faith: Exploring the Mission Field in Our Own Back Yards by Ginny Wilder

“Clothe Yourself With Christ”: Assisting Children and Teens in Constructing a Biblical Identity by Jessica Davis

Family Vocation: Helping Families Create a Rule of Life by Jerusalem Greer

How to Mine the Leadership Gifts in Your Congregation by Beth Lewis

Learning From Each Other: Cross Generational Events that Serve Everyone by Day Smith Pritchartt

Young Adult Ministry: Getting Started Whether You Have $2 or $2,000 by Shannon Kelly, Steve Mullaney, & Mary Cat Young

WHY NUMBERS MATTER or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jesus by Randall Curtis and Andrew Kellner

Claiming Our Faith through Digital Storytelling by Kyle Matthew Oliver